How we work

Ensuring high practical benefits is our hallmark.
We designed our training sessions, seminars, workshops and conferences to deliver immediately applicable results. Our training programmes are interactive and challenge and advance you and your team.

Training standards

We develop our training programmes in cooperation with experts in-house. Thanks to our decades of training and coaching experience, as well as our close collaboration with universities, colleges, clients and competitors, we are able to conceive, organise and realise complex training mandates. We also fulfil training projects with larger numbers of participants (i.e. 50 to 500 people) in partnership and interdisciplinarily.

Training quality

Swiss management training gaf is eduQua certified and serves as a provider of hands-on training solutions with great practical benefits for participants and organisations. Before each training session, we define the training objectives together with the client. After the training, we revisit the objectives in a performance review with the client to assess fulfilment of the objectives on the basis of participant testimonies.

Trainers & Coaches

Our trainers and coaches have solid academic backgrounds (university degrees) and continuously develop their expertise (post-graduate studies, higher diplomas, SVEB certifications, and more). They have didactic qualifications and are professionally active in management roles. 


At Swiss management training we are developing a portfolio of advanced topics strongly focused on the impact and usage of AI in trainings.

Simulations for Trainings and team development workshops

Since 2003 we have been using self-developed and co-developed learning simulations. Our proprietary LEGO simulation and the PC-based simulation increase learning effectiveness and make our training more enjoyable.

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