Terms & Condition

These general terms and conditions of swiss management training gaf, Gesellschaft zur Ausbildung von Führungskräften AG, Swiss Management Training, Schwarztorstrasse 106, 3007 Bern, Switzerland (hereafter “smt gaf») regulate the rights and obligations of users and clients when making use of the services offered by smt gaf.

smt gaf agrees:

  • to comply with or even to surpass commonly agreed learning goals.
  • to fully commit itself personally and professionally to ensuring that the client will receive the greatest possible practical benefit of the training.
  • to engage participants individually and to align the training such that the desired learning outcomes can be achieved.
  • to exercise absolute discretion towards third parties.

Public training sessions

The participants covenant:

  • to settle invoices, part invoices or other payments by the due date agreed between the parties.
  • to bear 50% of the training cost as quoted on smt gaf’s website in the case of cancellation later than 20 days prior to the training start.
  • o bear the full cost of the training as quoted on smt gaf’s website in the case of non-attendance at the training session.

Hereof excluded are short-term cancellations with a valid medical certificate.

In-house training sessions

  • After placing an order according to the offer, 1/3 of the order sum is due for payment.
  • The client covenants to comply with the payment terms and dates agreed in the offer.
  • The client owes the following fees in the case of short-notice cancellation or postponement of the in-house training:
    • 45-31 days prior to the training start: 25% of the total order sum;
    • 30-11 days prior to the training start: 50% of the total order sum;
    • 10 or fewer days before the training start: 100% of the total order sum.
  • smt gaf reserves the right to determine a different trainer or training date if prevented from fulfilling its duties.

Further Indications

  • Unless otherwise agreed, all material and training concepts that have been developed specifically for an in-house training project are the property of smt gaf and can be used and reproduced at its own discretion.
  • Clients and participants agree to refrain from reproducing or duplicating any training documents or concepts in any form without the explicit written permission of smt gaf.
  • Smt gaf trainers may not be employed by the client or additional third parties outside their capacity with smt gaf.
  • All prices quoted on swiss-management-training.ch are binding. The price includes training documentation, video footage if composed, break refreshments and lunch.
  • smt gaf reserves the right to postpone or cancel a training session due to trainer illness or insufficient number of participants.
  • Any differing terms and conditions shall only be valid if expressly agreed and accepted by both parties in writing.
  • All prices are subject to statutory VAT (currently 8.0%).
  • Jurisdiction is Bern BE, Switzerland
  • VAT identification number: CHE-111.733.573.