Garden Way – Introduction

You are one of the landlords at Garden Way, i.e., you own a house or property on this road. Garden Way is still unpaved up to now because it is a private road. The road is owned by the Garden Way association. All the landowners along the road make up the members of the association. The road is in a very bad condition, there are too many bumps and holes.

All owners and tenants at Garden Way have the right to use the road, but until now, not one of them was willing to share, i.e., contribute to the costs for paving the road. They hoped that the city would turn the road into a public road and then pay the expenses.

The city council has decided that they will only turn the road into a public road after it has been paved. The City council has also informed the Garden Way association that the road must be paved in the next 6 months to meet the city regulations. Once the road becomes public then the Maintenance cost of 23’580 per year would be covered by the city.

The president of the Garden Way association has therefore invited all the others for a meeting.


At today’s meeting, a final solution must be found for the following points in question: Cost distribution for paving the road – the most convenient quotation for the construction work to pave the road is € 200’000.-


Roles: Garden Way


You do not live in the community. You are the owner of a real estate management company, and you manage the meeting. Your objective is to help the owners reach a unanimous agreement.

Owner of the Apartment block:

He lives in the apartment on the second floor. He and two tenants own a private car each. He is also the owner of four parking lots in the small garage at the entrance of Garden Way. Two of these parking lots are rented out to other people outside Garden Way.

Owner of the Gardening Company:

He owns three private cars and has one employee who comes to work on a loud motorcycle. The wife of the owner has a small flower shop in the same building. Approximately 10 customers of hers drive through the road on weekdays.

Owner of the Food Stand

The Food Stand is on the main road, attracting customers from several industrial areas around it. Access to Freudenstrasse is not relevant for him. However, many of his customers enter the initial stretch of Freudenstrasse to park when they come to the stand to eat. This is particularly annoying to the Gardening Company.

Owner of the Painter Workshop:

This is a very successful business. He employs 12 workers who all come to work by car. Personally, he owns two private cars and 5 minivans. He and his employees use the road very frequently on working days.

Owner of the Electro-motor Factory:

The company has 7 employees, who all come to work by private car. The owner has two private cars (one of them with a trailer) and 1 minivan. 3 to 4 times per day, a big truck comes to load or unload goods. During that time, traffic is usually obstructed in Garden Way.

Owner of the PC repair shop

The PC repair shop has a regular stream of customers (some of whom are coming directly from the Electro-motor factory). Most of the customers park along the road. When access is blocked by the truck the repair shop customers coming from outside Garden Way are very frustrated. The owner of the PC repair shop also owns a car but uses it rarely. The PC repair shop is not owned, but rented from the Electro-motor factory.

Owner of the Villa:

The old couple does not own a car. They use bicycles. They have three adult children with families who usually visit them on Sundays with their cars.

Garden Way map: