“Rockin’ the Basel Area”


Introducing the case study

“Rockin’ the Basel Area” (RBA), is a company which sets up and organizes music concerts in Switzerland, France, and Germany. Business has been good in the past few years of setting up small and medium size events. However, RBA has grown, and is now ready to move into something bigger…

You have been appointed as project manager for the next step in the growth of RBA. Management is placing in your hands an important project which will define the company’s future, and you are keen to prove that their trust is fully justified.

You have been assigned as the project manager for an upcoming rock concert starring a very popular group. Your Customer, Mr. Chatalot, is the band manager/agent. He is known for changing his mind often and placing high expectations and pressure on his vendors. The only priority in Mr. Chatalot’s agenda is the well being and happiness of his band. He wants to be informed about every detail, but at the same time he resents being brought problems and issues to resolve. He has made it clear that he would not tolerate any compromise that his band members would need to make.

You are expected to prepare the plan and submit an operating budget for review and approval next week. After that you will be in charge of rolling out the project until the successful completion of the event. You will also be in charge of collecting lessons learned and preparing the company for the next major event using best practices tested on this occasion.

The first high level requirements are:

  • The attendance should be similar to that at previous mega-concerts in the area (which has easily reached 45000).
  • Security is a major concern of the group’s manager and he expects the very latest in high-tech equipment surveillance and screening equipment to ensure a safe concert.
  • The concert will include an elaborate pyrotechnic show and special video effects behind the band during the performance.
  • Prior to the concert there will be a press conference, a visit with some winners of a local radio show contest, and a photo session with a major entertainment magazine.
  • You will be required to hire experienced technicians to manage the audio and visual equipment setup and operation while coordinating with the band’s permanent support staff.
  • Press releases are waiting for the location to be finalized.