Leadership Dynamics

You want to inspire your staff and reach a common goal. Duties such as planning, delegating and organising, resolving problems and making decisions place high demands on your role as a superior.

To successfully lead a team of different personality types, you need more than just technical expertise – you need strong social skills.


  • You consider your role as a superior and discern your responsibilities
  • You are versed in different styles and techniques of personnel management and have field-proven leadership tools at hand
  • You are aware of your personal strengths and potentials in dealing with people
  • You understand your employees and are able to inspire motivation to achieve company goals
  • You conduct performance reviews and team meetings with equanimity


  • A superior’s main duties, clarification of roles
  • Integrating, motivating and leading employees
  • Communication, feedback
  • Setting goals, planning, organising, delegating
  • Success factors of winning teams
  • Your personal DISC profile: know your strengths and capabilities as a leader


This training is an interactive 2-day workshop with countless real-life examples, including your own experiences. We work with hands-on role plays, prepare and conduct discussions, give feedback and evaluate your performances with video recordings.

Target Group

  • Group, team, department and project leaders
  • Employees preparing for a leadership role in the near future

Registration & Schedule

Customised company-specific training programs available: We are happy to customise our services for your company and your specific needs.

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