Negotiation skills
Game Theory in Negotiations

Negotiating may be the way to a new contract with a customer, or it may be the way to a new job. It may have as object your new salary or a new joint-venture. Negotiation is therefore both an exceptional event to manage but also one of the most common daily endavours. Yet our skills in negotiating are often left to chance. This class will help you learn the key skills they will need to plan and execute successful negotiations.


At the end of this program, you will be able to:

  • Determine fact based negotiation strategies
  • Focus on value, and keep your “eyes on the prize”
  • Develop negotiation plans and fallback options
  • Identify and respond to difficult (sometimes unethical) negotiating strategies
  • Develop approaches to break deadlocks


  • Foundation Concepts:
    • Expectation vs. Reality
    • Separate Content from Procedure
    • Distinguish between: Transactional and Cooperative negotiations
    • Negotiation basics
  • Preparing for Project Negotiations
    • Preparing negotiations
    • The five phases of negotiation
    • Identifying different strategies
      • Traditional versus Progressive
      • Hard – Soft – Principled
    • Developing a negotiating strategy
    • Identifying tactics and fallback options
    • Elicitation (requirements gathering): Customer expectations, needs vs. wants
  • Negotiation Strategies
    • Selecting effective negotiation strategies
    • The Ladder of Inference: how not to jump to conclusions
    • Communication and active listening
    • Learning to say “No”
    • Breaking deadlocks
  • Using Game Theory in negotiation
    • Noncooperative games
      • Constant sum (zero sum) games
      • Non-constant sum games
    • Cooperative games
  • Role Play: Cascading Negotiations…
  • Summary and conclusions


This training is an interactive 2-day workshop with countless real-life examples, including your own experiences. We work with hands-on role plays, prepare and conduct discussions with feedback.

Target Group

  • Group, team, department and project leaders
  • Employees preparing for a leadership role in the near future

Registration & Schedule

Customised company-specific training programs available: We are happy to customise our services for your company and your specific needs.

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