People Engagement Skills – Leadership

Program Overview

Conflict Management

The only way to avoid conflict, is stand-still! Conflict is a akey element in our work, in our negotiations, in our daily interactions. Learning how to understand the different options we have in dealing with conflict is key for successful interaction with our teams, our peers, and our managers.

Self-competence & Self-management

Do you have a lot of work and responsibility and you are looking to be more productive? We all have our own, personal way of doing things; find out how and when you best do what.
With proper self-management you will reduce stress and work more efficiently and effectively — you will gain time for what really counts!

Negotiation skills / Game Theory in Negotiations

Negotiating may be the way to a new contract with a customer, or it may be the way to a new job. It may have as object your new salary or a new joint-venture. Negotiation is therefore both an exceptional event to manage but also one of the most common daily endavours. Yet our skills in negotiating are often left to chance. This class will help you learn the key skills they will need to plan and execute successful negotiations.

Leadership Dynamics

You want to inspire your staff and reach a common goal. Duties such as planning, delegating and organising, resolving problems and making decisions place high demands on your role as a superior.
To successfully lead a team of different personality types, you need more than just technical expertise – you need strong social skills.