PMR2 has been launched! The ideal addition to your PMP® preparation

Free now, until October 1st 2023!

On August 15th, 2023 we launched a brand new application to support you in your PMP exam preparation: PMR2

Benefits of PMR2:

  • Interactive AI Discussion | Comprehensive Exam Preparation | Higher Success Rates
  • Start Your Exam Journey Now, Try Our AI-Powered Prep!

PMR2 works best on Chrome, and on PC or tablet. Use on phone works but is sub-optimal.

 PMR2‘s key features include:

  • Real-time Question Discussion | Exam Simulations | Personalized Study

Enhanced study convenience:

  • With PMR2 you have a PMP trainer in you pocket, anytime,
  • Study Anywhere, Anytime with AI Support
  • and 24/7 Access to Exam Resources and Discussion.