Value Delivery Skills –
Project Management

Program Overview

Project Management with Helicopter Simulation

Project management has evolved into an advanced and interdisciplinary field. Technical expertise alone is no longer enough — in the modern company, you must be able to productively apply your knowledge to projects and endeavours.

Project management | e-learning

Project managers and executives often have little time to attend training seminars for several days in a row. Online training that is adaptable to your pace and schedule can therefore be a welcome solution for professional development.

Recovering Troubled Projects

Residual Value is the key word here. No matter how bad a project is going, identifying the residual value will enable the development of the correct approach forward.

Risk Management

“Risk Management is Project Management for grown-ups”, this maxim nicely reflects the truth about risk management. Managing the uncertain environment around our projects is key for increasing the likeleyhood of delivering the project objectives.

Agile Foundations

The plan driven approach to managing projects, which is so successful in predictive contexts, will focus on value to the customer at the early planning stages, focus then shifts to execution. In cases when the understanding of value to the customer evolves though time, when adapting to the changing needs of the business and of the customer is necessary, so called adaptive, value driven, or most commonly “Agile” approaches become very powerful.

PMP® Projectmanagement Professional

The Project Management Professional “PMP” credential, established by the Project Management Institute, is the most important industry-recognised certification for project managers. Globally recognised and demanded, the PMP title demonstrates that you have the experience, education and competency to successfully lead and direct projects.