Project Management with Helicopter Simulation

Project management has evolved into an advanced and interdisciplinary field. Technical expertise alone is no longer enough — in the modern company, you must be able to productively apply your knowledge to projects and endeavours.

This course complies with the internationally recognised standard “Project Management Body of Knowledge” established by the Project Management Institute,


  • You obtain a systematic and shared understanding of project management
  • You are familiar with the different phases of a project: from the initial idea through planning and execution until completion
  • You are able to carry out and evaluate risk analyses
  • You understand the basics of project controlling
  • You internalise that a project is not just about time and money but also about customer satisfaction, quality and the motivation of collaborators.


  • Phases and processes of a project
  • The “golden triangle” of time, cost and scope
  • Essential methods and tools for project planning and execution
  • Controlling
  • Effective risk management – the 10 most common reasons for project failure and how to avoid them


Project Management Fundamentals is an interactive 2-day seminar with exchange and discussion of practical experiences.

Simulation: We simulate a complete project from beginning to acceptance – you will see the immediate effects of your decisions.

Target Group

  • Project leaders
  • Future project leaders
  • Collaborators who participate as part of their work in projects

Registration & Schedule

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