Recovering Troubled Projects

Residual Value is the key word here. No matter how bad a project is going, identifying the residual value will enable the development of the correct approach forward. Every project manager sooner or later ends up in …trouble, or gets “parachuted” into a troubled project with the hope of saving it. This class will show the participants how to focus on what matters, how to regain the customer’s trust, how to remotivate a frustrated projetct team, and other common challenges that project managers face in those troubled projects. The programme is an real life case studies-driven, no-nonsense and practice-focused workshop with the aim of offering immediately applicable tools to the participants.
Backing the intensive interactivity up, the participants will use both a game/simulation and their own real work as case studies.The participants will be asked to provide, in advance, descriptions of their own examples of troubled projects. Some of these case studies will be used in the exercises and the solutions that the teams identify may then be, if approved, directly applied in the real projects.


At the end of this program, you will be able to:

  • Assess the reasons of project failure and decide the project should be discontinued
  • Explain the reasons for projects failiour to management
  • Get management back up and the support needed to recover the project
  • Recognize the value of a structured project recovery process
  • Plan the recovery effort
  • Manage, control and adjust the recovery effort


  • Foundation Concepts
    • Why do projects fail?
    • What is a project recovery process?
  • Understanding the residual value
    • Performing a detailed recovery assessment
    • Understanding customer and business value
    • Honest assessment of the current status and of achievable objectives
  • The Recovery
    • Strategies for finding resolution approaches
    • Obtaining the needed level of authority
    • Securing key stakeholder & management support
    • Principles of change management
  • The Project Team
    • Remotivating the project team
    • The role of fear, and how to vercome it
    • Escaping the “blame-game”
    • Fostering the project team
    • Sustaining stakeholder engagement”
  • How to avoid future troubled projects
    • The role of Project Management
    • Focus on Value
    • Facilitating change
    • Enabling continuous learning
  • Role Play & Simulation board game
  • Summary and conclusions


This training is an interactive 2-day workshop with countless real-life examples, including your own experiences. We work with hands-on role plays, prepare and conduct discussions with feedback.

Target Group

  • Group, team, department and project leaders
  • Employees preparing for a leadership role in the near future

Registration & Schedule

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