At SMT we are developing a portfolio of advanced topics strongly focused on the impact and usage of AI in project management. What would you be interested in? Feel free to contact us.

This is what we are currently working on:

1-AI support for project managers (1 day): A one-day class with a very hands-on attitude for project managers. The idea is that the participant will leave the class with specific AI related knowledge applicable right away.

–2-Workshop (2 hours): introduction to AI for management: This workshop is geared towards all management roles (not only in projects) and the focus is to learn what AI is about and how it might impact organizations.

–2b-Workshop (2 hours): adapting ways of working to AI: This workshop is for resource managers who need to support their reports in the adoption of AI and in dealing with possible concerns about AI.

–3-PMR2 applications for project managers: This is a specific effort in SMT in which we are actually creating AI based project support tools. Check it out!

–4-One-on-one discussion (& coaching session): how will AI impact me? How could I leverage it?

–5-Game theory:

–6-Systems thinking: Apply Systems Thinking to deal with strategic and complex projects.

–7-Speaker: SMT can offer also Max Langosco as a guest speaker at your AI presentation events.