Risk Management

“Risk Management is Project Management for grown-ups”, this maxim nicely reflects the truth about risk management. Managing the uncertain environment around our projects is key for increasing the likeleyhood of delivering the project objectives. This class will cover the essential risk management process, but also approach resiliance measures to deal with uncertainty.


At the end of this program, you will be able to:

  • Identify risks using key brainstorming best practices
  • Facilitate a risk management sessions for your project
  • Develop response actions and monitoring an controlling approaches
  • Track risks and their response actions
  • Develop contingent risk response strategies


  • Foundation Concepts
    • What is a risk?
    • Known/Unknowns vs. Unknown/Unknowns
  • Key risk management strategies and the Risk Management Plan
    • Risk management across product and project life cycles
    • Evaluating risk tolerance levels
  • Risk Identification
    • Dimensions of project risks
    • Risk identification tools: RBS, Cause/effect diagram, SWOT, using the WBS…/li>
  • Risk Analysis
    • Qualitative Analysis
    • The probability/impact matrix and representing the risk scenarios
    • Root Cause analysis
    • Risk Urgency dimensions
    • What is a Quantitative Analysis?
  • Defining Risk Response Actions
    • Risk management strategies
    • Contingent responses
  • Monitorng an Controlling Risks
    • Evaluating the effect of the response actions
    • What has changed in the project?
    • Monitoring the contigency reserves
  • Summary and conclusions


This training is an interactive 2-day workshop with countless real-life examples, including your own experiences. We work with hands-on role plays, prepare and conduct discussions with feedback.

Target Group

  • Group, team, department and project leaders
  • Employees preparing for a leadership role in the near future

Registration & Schedule

Customised company-specific training programs available: We are happy to customise our services for your company and your specific needs.

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