RBL: founding concepts

RBL starts with the idea that learning and development are a way of introducing change. This change is introduced at both the corporate and at the individual level. Both need to be addressed in order to be successful.

Both these levels of change do not occur as “one-off” events, but as iterations of cyclical phases of continuous improvement.

Two well established concepts help us navigate these two aspects of learning and development: Deming’s PDCA cycle help us with the continuous improvement, and Kotter’s 8 steps of change help us deal with the individual and corporate levels of change.

Deming’s PDCA:

ü PLAN (Preparation): Think ahead. Plan for change. Analyse and forecast objectives and results.

ü DO (Deployment): Execute, take small steps within controlled circumstances.

ü STUDY/CHECK (Verification): Study, evaluate the results.

ü ACT (Consolidation): Standardize, consolidate, or improve the process.

Kotter’s 8-Step Approach to Change

1.Establish a Sense of Urgency

2.Form a Guiding Coalition

3.Create a Vision

4.Communicate the Vision

5.Empower Others to Act on the Vision

6.Plan for and Create Short-Term Wins

7.Consolidate Improvements and Produce More Change

8.Institutionalize New Approaches

Why is it called “Blended”?